When is the best time to go on safari in Kruger Park?

  1. High occupancy in Kruger Park is from mid June through July / August / Sept so book 3 6 months ahead if possible. This is the dry season in Kruger Park & traditionally considered prime time in the bush. Its also school holidays so families go on safari.
  2. Avoid SA public holidays when local south Africans flock to Kruger Park. The game viewing experience is compromised when there are too many vehicles at sightings.
  3. If you are visiting SA in December, try to go on safari before 16 Dec which is the beginning of 3 weeks annual holiday for many businesses. December is a rewarding time in Kruger with lots of babies , nice vegetation , colourful flowers & many migratory birds.
  4. We recommend at least 4 days on safari so you have suffcient game drives & if you can include central Kruger it gives you a variety of ecozones with different animals.
  5. Different seasons in Kruger have different attractions. It is certainly not a waste of time to visit during the wet season & often the rain only affects 1 game drive then clears. An experienced guide can make a safari exciting at any time of the year.
  6. Birdwatchers usually visit from December March & travel around central Kruger Park as well as the south.
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