Health Precautions when on safari

Anti - malaria precautions : Recommended for visitors to Kruger Park mainly during the rainy season from October to May. Wear protective clothing ( long pants, long sleeves, socks and closed shoes) & apply insect repellent in the evening. If you would like advice on malaria medication, which has improved a lot in recent years, please ask our sales team.

Bedrooms are fitted with insect screens to protect visitors whilst sleeping. We do not consider our type of tours carry a high risk of contracting any illness and this is simply a precaution.

Yellow fever vaccination : Please take note that the South African authorities at airports or other points of entry, require overseas visitors coming from countries infected with yellow fever ( including South America & Africa ) to have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate . This also applies to travellers who have been to these countries in transit for example if you fly from USA via South America & on to South Africa . It is not possible to obtain a yellow fever vaccination on arrival in South Africa . The certificate should be dated at least 10 days prior to arrival here & is valid for 10 years. This is a serious warning & travellers will be refused entry to South Africa if they do not comply .

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